The Seahorse Trust is a charitable organisation for:

  • Research into Seahorses and the general environment worldwide
  • Education about Seahorses, marine conservation and the environment worldwide
  • The enjoyment of Seahorses and the natural world

The Seahorse Trust was founded in 1999 by Neil Garrick Maidment as an umbrella organisation to preserve and conserve the natural world, using Seahorses as their flagship species. The Seahorse Trust has researched and studied seahorses from around the world for many years, adding greatly to our knowledge of seahorses. The ethos of the trust is to ‘work in partnership with nature’ and they do this by working in partnership with other conservation and environmental organisations such as Save Our Seahorses, the Sea Life group of aquariums, Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC), Save Our Seahorses in Malaysia, The National Marine Aquarium in England and many others around the world. “Only by working together can we all make difference, time is running out and unless we do something about it now, it will be too late.” -Neil Garrick Maidment.

Neil Garrick Maidment (Founder / Director)

Neil Garrick Maidment is a naturalist with a passion for  the conservation of the natural world and seahorses alike. Neil is a highly experienced naturalist having worked a wide variety of wild species, from Lions, Tigers, Wolves and Elephant to Monkeys and Reptiles and with seahorses for over 3 decades and has closed the life cycle of 22 species of seahorse more than anyone else in the world. He is also highly regarded among many environmental authorities worldwide having consulted with various governments and advises on projects with numerous conservation groups such as Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC) and was made a Fellow of the British Naturalist Association in 2010 in recognition of his expertise in natural history.