Wild Kids

Children’s Nature show on RTE where Kealan teaches the kids about amazing Irish Creatures.

Wild kids – Herons

Wild kids – The Park

Wild kids – Seals

Wild kids – Sand Dunes

Wild kids – The Irish Bog

Wild kids – Rocky Shore

Wild kids – Sandy Shore

Marine Scene

Marine Biology series on RTE where Kealan teaches children the wonders of the Ocean.

Spiny Sea Creatures

Sandy Shore

Jelly Fish

River Polution

Rook Pools


Mermaids Purse


Invasive Species


RTE Morning Ireland

RTE Seahorse Man Documentary

RTE Tommy Tiernan program

Seahorse Man Promotion – Malaysian film festival

Solution to Pollution – Kealan Doyle

Newstalk Radio – Kealan teaches about sharks and seahorses

Save Our Seahorses Documentary preview

Blue Planet Interview – Neil Garrick- Maidment

Save Seagrass – Save Seahorses

Studland’s Ocean Meadows – The Seahorse Trust

Anchor and Seagrass Damage – The Seahorse Trust

Saving Seagrass in Ireland

The Plight of the Seahorses

Galloping Extinction – The last stand of the Seahorse with some footage filmed by SOS

Saving Seahorses – Lecture by Neil Garrick- Maidment at SOS in Dublin

Seahorses and Chinese Medicine

The Curio Trade

Stop the curio trade – The International Seahorse Trust


Oysters – Nature’s Amazing Filter

Wild kids – Herons