Kealan Doyle (Save Our Seahorses) and Neil Garrick Maidment (The Seahorse Trust) have shared a passion and admiration for seahorses for many years and through this passion they have become good friends.It is through this friendship that they became colleagues and formed a partnership between The Seahorse Trust and Save Our Seahorses with the aim of sharing research and ideas, in doing so, enhancing their ability to make a real difference. It was from this partnership that The Seahorse Alliance was formed.

The Seahorse Alliance is a partnership between conservation and environmental groups around the world with the same common goals and aspirations to save seahorses from extinction. It is by combining their efforts that a real, long lasting and effective difference can be made on a world wide scale.

The Seahorse Alliance consists of:

  • The Seahorse Trust
  • Save Our Seahorses
  • Marine Conservation Cambodia
  • Save Our Seahorses Malaysia
  • Sealife
  • Cambodian Fisheries Department
  • Seahorse Indonesia
  • Malta Seahorse Conservation Project
  • And many  individuals who have a passion for seahorses and the natural world

By each organization utilising their skills and abilities towards the common goal, the Seahorse Alliance plans to make a difference by:

  • Giving advice to governments and individuals alike
  • Assisting with captive breeding projects on a subsistence and higher level
  • Encourage the creation of new breeding programs and assisting with local fishing communities in the creation of the programs
  • Advise marine researchers around the world
  • Study and research of seahorses in the wild
  • Aim to restore, conserve and protect habitats
  • And by speaking with one, equal, voice for seahorses and the natural world around the globe